Experiments on sensory deprivation have demonstrated the emergence of hallucinogenic images and potentially highlighted states of consciousness which are still to be investigated by artists.

The fictitious sanatorium, Room K24, orchestrates the visitor’s sensorium through carefully composed stimuli –from aural, to olfactory, tactile and proprioceptive. Rather than being deprived of their senses, visitors depart in a safe journey into the unknown.

Inside K24, time and space have no objective reference. One by one, visitors are welcomed through the preparation room and taken by two assistants into the experience. The journey lasts around 10 minutes. The subtle interplay of sensory stimuli results in a reset the of the visitor’s body.

Presented at the former Interpol building in The Hague, for Modern Body Festival 1st edition (2014). The project is an ongoing collaboration between Ludmila Rodrigues and Mike Rijnierse. With thanks to Stephanie Pan, Stelious Manousakis, Detlev Vilerius, Zeger Reyers and Mara Wasiuta.

Photos by Erin McKinney.