A morphing landscape made of 100kg of lentils moving along five dancers and the live music of Chris Lancaster. First scenography and first collaboration with choreographer Marina Mascarell.
Production by Korzo Theater and Dance Forum Taipei, 2013.

Premiere: January 30, 2013
Choreography: Marina Mascarell
Music: Chris Lancaster
Performers: James O’Hara, Laia Durán, Sandra Marín, Yu-Fen Huang, Kuan-Yi Su
Costumes: Carolina Mancuso
Set: Ludmila Rodrigues
Light: Sandra Navarro
Choreographic Assistant: Sandra Navarro
Apprentice: Mallory Lynn
Video: Josanne Buiting
Editing: Mallory Lynn
Co-production Korzo Theater and Dance Forum Taipei supported by the Gemeente Den Haag, Ministerie van OCW, Culture Ministry Taiwan
With thanks to: Instituto Cervantes Utrecht, Fire Dragon Den Haag

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August 22, 2013