Polytope & Maurício Nava on skate; Photo Yuri Cardoso

Polytope is a question, an invitation, a laboratory. It embraces instability and change by inviting visitors to engage in a physical conversation. Polytope was presented by NOVA bienal, the new art and technology biennial in Rio de Janeiro. NOVA took place at Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow) in the historic harbor of Rio, from 20/09 to 29/10/2023 and Polytope was featured in the open air section of interactive sculptures.

Photos Yuri Cardoso (click on photos to browse gallery)

Polytope is a lightweight sculpture that invites visitors for an active exploration. The articulated geometry of Polytope and the softness of the floor allow for a full body experience in which the visitor takes a central role as both researcher and research object. By engaging with visitors, the work raises dialogues on materiality, performance, somatic and/or bodily knowledge.

Polytope at Praça Mauá, Museu do Amanhã, September 19th, 2023

Polytope was displayed in the vibrant Square Mauá (Praça Mauá), entrance to Museu do Amanhã, among other fascinating sculptures, such as ‘Rope’ by Ief Spincemaille, a ‘Strandbeest’ by Theo Jansen, ‘Tube’ by Numen / For Use, ‘Estrela Sensível’ by Studio Guto Requena and ‘Islands’ by Marpi Studio. Placed in the public space, Polytope turned into an open laboratory for movement practice, chance and social relations.

With thanks to the organizers, curators, the whole team of FILE/NOVA, sponsors, Vinícius Tamer/Trevous, Maurício Nava, all friends and visitors who joined the experience. More on novabienalrio.org

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September 10, 2023