How many times is the sunset photographed every day around the world? Can one actually capture its splendor and magnitude? Sunset in Paris was presented on Saturday, 3 June 2023, during Nuit Blanche, the annual vibrant cultural night in the streets of Paris. SUNSET is a light sculpture created in collaboration with Mike Rijnierse, previously seen in The Hague, and in Delft.

Sunset in Paris recreates the everyday phenomenon of the sunset, within the urban landscape. This precise moment is stretched, lasting not just a few minutes, but a whole night. By freezing the phenomenon of disappearance and making it visible at 360 degrees, the work creates a contemplative and disturbing spatio-temporal experience. Here, the luminous, shining body sets eternally over the Seine, at the tip of the Île Saint-Louis.

Photo: Paul Rijnierse, Sunset in Paris, Nuit Blanche 2023

“Discover this fascinating work that redefines sunset and transforms the Parisian urban landscape.”
– Sortir à Paris, “Rodrigues & Rijnierse’s installation Sunset in Paris lights up the Seine”:

Photo: Jean -Baptiste Gurliat © Nuit Blanche 2023

With thanks to Remco Schuurbiers, Eva Albarran & Co, Kitty Hartl, François Gallet / Fifty Productions, and the sponsors of Nuit Blanche Paris. Watch video documentation:

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May 15, 2023