On March 30th, Ludmila Rodrigues participated in the discussions on neurodivergency at iii, as part of the series ‘Not to be Senseless’, curated by Maria Oosterveen, in collaboration with Journey Through the Senses. ‘Not to be Senseless’ is a stage for neurodivergent art; with people and works that experience and explore neurodivergencies such as synaesthesia, savantism and autism. The series opens new perspectives by recognising differences in how we sense the world. To echo the different worlds of the neurodivergent, this edition of the event focused on the sensorial experience of touch.

The event also presented works by Laura A. Dima and a lecture by designer Jenny Konrad on tactile self stimulation and the role it plays in neurodivergency. 

Rodrigues shared her latest experiments on the sensation of pressure as an instance of tactility. Through her inflatable objects that envelop the body, one can experience their entire body surface being touched and gently pressed, which leads to loosening up and relishing. Ludmila briefly presented her research, latest works and fascinations.

“Society is still restricted in its knowledge and acceptance of neurodivergencies, with neurodivergent people often seen as ‘difficult’. This makes it important to create a moment where neurodivergencies get a place to be seen and respected. To show that neurodivergencies are a strength that show us our world in a different light.” – Maria Oosterveen

With thanks to Maria Oosterveen, iii, Mike Rijnierse and Journey Through the Senses.

April 13, 2024